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By Every Measure – Explores the Undeniable Data of Systemic Racism: Episode 6 – Health

By Every Measure – Explores the Undeniable Data of Systemic Racism: Episode 6 – Health

By Every Measure – 88Nine Radio Milwaukee – Tarik Moody – 

In “By Every Measure,” 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s (WYMS-88.9 FM) new podcast, award-winning data expert and research journalist Reggie Jackson and 88Nine’s Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation Tarik Moody explore systemic racism in various sectors of Milwaukee, looking closely at how those systems were formed and how they can – and need – to be changed.

Episode 6 – Health: With a global pandemic as the backdrop, hosts Tarik Moody and Reggie Jackson analyze health disparities Black people face in America, including bias in healthcare, infant mortality and COVID-19. Then, Tarik assembles a panel of experts from MIT, Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee Health Department to examine possible solutions.


BIO Africa 2020 | Innovation & Collaboration in the Time of COVID-19 – Accelerating R&D to Save Lives

While no corner of the world has remained untouched by COVID-19, battling the pandemic is particularly challenging in resource-limited settings. In this session, learn how African countries are leveraging local and global technology and expertise to fight COVID-19. Hear about a Nigerian-American partnership that is using 3D printers to scale up personal protective equipment (PPE) production for African healthcare workers. Meet two leaders—one from a multinational pharmaceutical company, and one from a global engineering powerhouse—who are spearheading initiatives to catalyze innovative Africa-centric solutions to the pandemic. Listen to a scientist from the Rwandan Ministry of Health discuss her government’s technology-driven response to COVID-19—a response that has been heralded as a success story in the international press.

“The People Who Develop a Ventilator that Costs ,000 Are Probably Not the Best People to Go to to Make that Ventilator cost 0”

“The People Who Develop a Ventilator that Costs $40,000 Are Probably Not the Best People to Go to to Make that Ventilator cost $400”

Ken Gordon – EPAM Continuum – June 25, 2020 – The Resonance Test 49: Dr. Freddy T. Nguyen and Duncan Freake

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a test for innovators. The immense challenges of the situation have called for fast, scalable solutions—and two of the more prominent approaches have come to the fore: open source and crowdsource. In this episode of The Resonance Test, we interrogate some people who’ve played essential roles here. Dr. Freddy T. Nguyen, Co-Director of the MIT COVID-19 Challenge, Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT, and a Pathology Resident at Mount Sinai Hospital, has done tremendous work convening teams from across the globe to crowdsource pandemic-related innovation. His conversation partner is EPAM Continuum’s Duncan Freake, a mechanical engineer who is one of the brains behind the GENTL Mask, our open source design that employs readily available materials and a simple manufacturing process to enable localized manufacturing. Our Ken Gordon peppers the duo with questions and gets some really interesting responses, giving us an important look at how partnerships, humility, and especially networks functioned in their pandemic projects. “The value of a network is really investing in good people who have the right spirit and the right motivations,” says Dr. Nguyen—and we think that these words are not just true: They aptly describe both himself and Duncan.


Wide Field: Hacking COVID-19 Solutions for Africa

Host Vivian Kobusingye Birchall chatted with Stuart Krusell, Senior Director of Global Programs at MIT Sloan School of Management; Ari Jacobovits, Managing Director for Africa, MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives; postdoctoral fellow Freddy Nguyen and MBA candidates Benjamin Boutboul and Mercy Ndambuki, about the recently concluded MIT COVID-19 Challenge including solutions created and different ways industry, the public sector innovators and development partners can get involved.


MIT COVID-19 Challenge – Beat The Pandemic

1500 participants and 250 mentors from around the world came together from April 3 – 5 to help tackle some of the most pressing issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 48 hours, 199 potential solutions were developed virtually. See how the 2nd event in the MIT COVID-19 Challenge came together!


MIT Club of Northern California | COVID 19 Front Lines Situation and Response

During this time, we’ve found that the MIT Alumni community coming together, and there is no one more that we’d love to hear from than our very own making a Better World.

“MIT Alumni Front Lines” series brings forward amazing members of the MIT community who are doing some excellent work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our first guest is Freddy Nguyen – PGY1 (resident) resident physician in the department of pathology and molecular and cell-based medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.  He is co-leading the MIT COVID-19 challenge a series of virtual hackathons and prior to that he was the co-director for MIT Hacking Medicine.

Ask Freddy about – what the the siutation is on the ground in NY, the motivation around the MIT COVID-19 Challenge – series of hackathon and what makes these MIT hackathons unique and relevant, and more…


MIT’s COVID-19 Challenge ‘Beat the Pandemic’ Virtual Hackathon

At the beginning of April BCGDV partnered with MIT on their virtual hackathon series ‘Beat the Pandemic’ as part of their COVID-19 challenge. DV’ers from all over the world took part in the 48 hour virtual hackathon that aimed to tackle the most critical problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Co-Director of the ‘COVID-19 Challenge’, Freddy Nguyen, sat down (remotely) with BCGDV Partner, Nate Beyor after the event. They discussed the origin story of the hackathon series and Freddy explained how he mobilized 4500 brilliant minds from 96 countries to apply to take part. They also touch on how this global crisis has accelerated innovation at an incredible speed and examine how some of these changes may play a part long after this crisis has ended.


MIT Catalysts: Freddy Nguyen

Hosted by Julia Yoo – April 7, 2020

In the first of a special series about MIT community members on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, host Julia Yoo sits down with Dr. Freddy Nguyen, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT and a resident physician at Mount Sinai Hospital. Nguyen talks about the MIT COVID19 Challenge and being on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York.

Physician-scientist with extensive experience developing and translating nanotechnologies and biomedical optical technologies from the bench to clinic in areas of genetics, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases. Extensive experience in community building in healthcare innovation, research, medical, and physician-scientist communities through various leadership roles.

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