US, NL unite virtually to take on COVID-19

US, NL unite virtually to take on COVID-19

Mart Duitemeijer – June 17, 2020

Key stakeholders who work in the field of life sciences and health in Massachusetts and the Netherlands came together in a virtual session June 8 to discuss how their ecosystems are responding to COVID-19, which lessons could be learned from the reaction to the pandemic, and how to stimulate closer international collaboration.

Participants of the conversations agree that there will always be a need to collaborate internationally and make use of each other’s strengths. If all strengths from different countries or ecosystems could be brought together, this will create a stronger value chain where collaboration between partners is needed and truly adds value.

When looking ahead, participants recognize that in a post-COVID world, we should be better prepared for a possible outbreak of a pandemic. That we need to be ready to think and act together, internationally, so we can organize the supply chain and share data and expertise when needed.

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