Medical Student Attitudes and Perceptions on the USMLE Review

Freddy T. Nguyen, Eric M. Schauberger. 2008-03-01

Student feedback on the proposed changes to the USMLE Since the formation of the Committee to Evaluate the USMLE Program (CEUP), several avenues have been made available for students to provide feedback. One of those avenues have been through a student representative to CEUP who has jointly appointed by the leaders of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), the American Medical Association - Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS), and the Association of American Medical Colleges - Organization of Student Representatives (AAMC-OSR). Student feedback, at the time, had been largely limited to the input from the leaderships of the aforementioned organizations who were primarily surveyed by the NBME. Subsequently, students were also given the opportunity to participate in focus groups and on an electronic message board ( In addition to these opportunities, the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) felt that there was a paucity of quantitative, objective data aimed at gathering broad student feedback; therefore, APSA undertook the initiative to develop a national survey intended to gauge medical student sentiment in an effort to further help shape and support the dialogue surrounding the Comprehensive Review of the USMLE.
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