Research Fellow @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Resident Physician @ Mount Sinai Hospital

Three-Dimensional Visualization of Lymph Node Morphology Using OCT

Freddy T. Nguyen, Wei Luo, Adam M. Zysk, Tyler S. Ralston, Eric J. Chaney, Daniel L. Marks, Amy L. Oldenburg, John Brockenbrough, Stephen A. Boppart. Biomedical Optics, Technical Digest 2006-03-19

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We report the first demonstration of OCT for the three-dimensional visualization of lymph node morphology and microarchitecture from human and carcinogen-induced rat mammary tumor specimens.

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Physician-scientist with extensive experience developing and translating nanotechnologies and biomedical optical technologies from the bench to clinic in areas of genetics, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases. Extensive experience in community building in healthcare innovation, research, medical, and physician-scientist communities through various leadership roles.

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