Needle-probe system for the measurement of tissue refractive index

TitleNeedle-probe system for the measurement of tissue refractive index
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsZysk, Adam M., Adie Steven G., Armstrong Julian J., Leigh Matthew S., Paduch Alexandre, Nguyen Freddy T., Sampson David D., and Boppart Stephen A.
Date Published2007

Needle-based devices, which are in wide clinical use for needle biopsy procedures, may be augmented by suitable optical techniques for the localization and diagnosis of diseased tissue. Tissue refractive index is one optical contrast mechanism with diagnostic potential. In the case of mammary tissue, for example, recent research indicates that refractive index variations between tissue types may be useful for the identification of cancerous tissue. While many coherence-based forward-sensing devices have been developed to detect scattering changes, none have demonstrated refractive index measurement capabilities. We present a novel needle-based device that is capable of simultaneously measuring refractive index and scattering. Coupled to the sample arm of an optical coherence tomography system, the needle device detects the scattering response and optical pathlength through tissue residing in a fixed-width channel. Near-infrared measurements of tissues and materials with known optical properties using a prototype device will be presented. This work demonstrates the feasibility of integrated in vivo measurement of refractive index and scattering in conjunction with existing clinical needle-based devices.